Client Alert – Scammers targeting California Business Entities.

Client Alert – Scammers targeting California Business Entities.

The Secretary of State of California has sent out a consumer alert to warn California businesses about a scam operation.

If you receive a letter requesting that you submit $49.50 along with a form, etc. to “California State Corporations”, to receive a Certificate of Status for your business entity, do not respond. This is not an official government document. It is from a private enterprise attempting to extract unnecessary fees from unsuspecting business owners. Only the Secretary of State issues Certificates of Status.

If you receive such a letter (or anything similar), you are encouraged to submit a written complaint, at this link But first, you may want to verify the authenticity of things. Check with a lawyer who is familiar with the formation and operation of California business entities.


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2 Responses to Client Alert – Scammers targeting California Business Entities.

  1. Could this be happening in New York as well? I received just such a letter asking for some $65 and have not received anything official from the New York State Secretary of State.

    • Yes. This same thing could be happening in many states. What these guys do is search public records to identify companies, and then target them with These mailings.

      It makes sense to report these things to your state’s attorney general.

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