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Some legal guidelines for Photographers

While surfing the net tonight, I discovered this article on Photojojo, which has some interesting tidbits of legal information for photographers.

Most of the tips apply to amateur and professional photographers alike, but if your photos will be used for commercial purposes, don't forget that some jurisdictions have stronger rights of publicity and privacy laws than others.

Support AB 1365 (Funding for the Arts)

I don’t usually use this forum to air my political views, but sometimes, I feel an issue is important. California spends approximately 3 cents per capita on support for the arts. This ranks California dead last among the states. The national average spending per capita is about $1.00. California’s position is simply shameful, expecially considering… Continue Reading

Copyright and Contract in conflict?

Professor Eric Goldman’s Technology & Marketing Law Blog has an interesting article about the simmering dispute over copyrights in photographs of public-domain works of art. It seems a public interest group recently downloaded scores of photographs from the Smithsonian Institution and posted them on the photo-sharing site flickr. The problem is… the Smithsonian’s ‘copyright’ page… Continue Reading

More on Smoking Bans and the Theatre

A good piece by Tony Brown for Sunday’s Cleveland Plain Dealer raises the question of whether city and state smoke-free ordinances can- or should- be applied to theatre. The piece draws the important comparison to censorship battles surrounding language and nudity in theater in past decades. According to Brown’s piece, few states, localities or countries… Continue Reading

Non Smoking Ordinances vs. Smoking on Stage

Zachary Pincus Roth has written an interesting piece about on-stage smoking in the theatre. Does the 1st Amendment apply to smoking as a form of “speech”. If the stage directions call for a cigarette, and it’s a significant part of a scene, isn’t a ban on smoking a ‘prior restraint’ on the expression of ideas?… Continue Reading

"Urinetown" Creators Get Pissy about Midwest Productions

By Gordon Firemark for The Theatre Lawyer” The director, choreographer, and set, lighting and costume designers of the original Broadway production of “Urinetown” have begun to pursue claims against two midwest theatre companies for allegedly copying their work without authorization. Playbill reports that in response, the producers from one of the theatres has filed a… Continue Reading

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