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Thoughts following a client’s funeral

I'm feeling rather melancholy. You see, today I attended a client's funeral.

This wasn't someone I'm super close with. He wasn't one of my bigger clients. But he was someone I knew. Someone I liked. He was someone who had asked for and received my help. More than once.

So, I'm feeling sad that he's gone. Not because he paid me money from time-to-time, but because I learned that he hadn't asked me for all the help I could've given him.

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Our Newest Client!

Congratulations to Naoko and Bob Marino on the birth of their baby girl, Hana. Hana was born on April 4th, 2007! Bob is a musician, musical director and teacher. He’s also Gordon’s best friend of over 25 years, and partner in Fierce Theatricals, Inc. Continue Reading

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