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Things to do for your business before the holidays get in the way.

Things to do for your business before the holidays get in the way.

This Post originally appeared in November, 2014.  Each year around this time, we repost it as a service to our clients and colleagues.

Thanksgiving, and the Winter holiday chaos that ensues are just around the corner. Once they arrive, most non-retail businesses can expect things to go into a sort of “standby” mode until after the new year. the entertainment industry, in particular, goes pretty quiet at this time of the year.

A few to-dos

So, before the holidays really start getting in the way, here are a few to-do items you might consider to make sure your business hits the ground running in the New Year.

Protect your intellectual property

For many of us, especially those in Entertainment and Media, intellectual property like Copyrights and Trademarks are our primary, most valuable assets.

Yet many folks, individuals and businesses alike, neglect taking the important (and relatively simple) steps necessary to protect these assets against loss by infringement, dilution or downright theft.

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Why you should have a lawyer for every deal

Why hire a lawyer? I’m often contacted by do-it-yourselfers who just need a small tidbit of information or advice about whatever legal transaction it is they’re working on. Unfortunately, even with that tidbit, they’re likely to encounter trouble with the matter, and wind up spending more money to fix their own mistakes, than they would… Continue Reading

When the corporate shield… isn’t one.

New York Case holds film producer liable despite corporate shield. Earlier this year, a New York Court issued a ruling  against a film producer that’s troubling not just for the losing defendant,  but provides a cautionary tale for countless others who do business relying on their small, undercapitalized corporations and LLCs to protect them if… Continue Reading

Adam Leipzig on How Entrepreneurs and Creatives Can Change the World

What would it take to create massive, lasting change? 10%. My friend Adam Leipzig ( calls for supporting and training 10% of the creative and entrepreneurial people to have higher impact, greater incomes and more sustainable lives within the next decade in order to completely transform America. Continue Reading

Speaking at LA County Bar Association

I’m pleased to have been asked to join  an impressive panel of lawyers, including internet defamation attorney Adrianos Fachetti; class action attorney H. Scott Leviant; Barger & Wolen Marketing Director Heather Milligan, and mediator attorney Victoria Pynchon, to discuss how lawyers can use and benefit from social media. The Details: Los Angeles County Bar Association’s Second… Continue Reading

SAG Board Rejects AMPTP's final offer

The Entertainment trades are reporting that the SAG Board today voted to reject the “final” offer made by the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers, setting the stage for more turmoil and the possibility of an Actor’s strike. Stormy seas ahead for everybody who works in and around Hollywood. ?Including Entertainment Lawyers. Continue Reading

Academy for New Musical Theatre launches Online Holiday Auction Fundraiser

The Academy for New Musical Theatre is an organization that’s close to my heart.  I serve on their  Board of Directors, and believe very strongly in their mission to foster the development of new  Musicals. November 28 through December 7, 2008, ANMT will be  auctioning off some fun and unique items that you can bid on to help raise… Continue Reading

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