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5 Hard Lessons About the Use of Music Rights in Films No One Will Discuss Openly

5 Hard Lessons About the Use of Music Rights in Films No One Will Discuss Openly

Music can define a film, evoking emotions and enhancing narratives. However, the legal complexities surrounding music rights are a landscape fraught with pitfalls that filmmakers often underestimate. Here’s a deep dive into the hard lessons about using music in films, complete with real-life examples and case law.

1. Music Licensing Can Be Costly

Securing the rights to use a specific piece of music in a film can be a major financial hurdle. The cost of music licensing varies widely depending on the song’s popularity, its creators, and the intended use. For instance, licensing a famous song by a top artist for a worldwide release can cost anywhere from several thousand to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

An illustrative example is the use of The Rolling Stones’ song in Martin Scorsese’s The Departed, which reportedly cost $500,000. This example highlights the necessity for filmmakers to budget adequately for music rights from the planning stage of their projects.

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Gordon Firemark Appears on Digital Trailblazer Podcast for 2nd time

What a pleasure it was to join Host Leah Rae Getts to talk about the legal side of online business, media, courses, etc. Check out this episode, and let me know in comments or via email if you have questions.

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Gordon Firemark receives Texas Star Award recognizing achievements and contributions to Entertainment Law.

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Firemark among Best Lawyers in America 8 years running.

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