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Gordon Firemark to Speak at Beverly Hills Bar Association

On Monday, June 4th, 2007, Gordon Firemark will present
“All the World's a Stage” – Basics of Theatre Law for Hollywood lawyers.

The Theater is among the first-developed of America’s entertainment industry businesses, and a significant body of law exists surrounding this business, yet the legal, regulatory and collectively bargained frameworks within which theater producers, playwrights, and other artists operate are often overlooked in entertainment law coursework and among Hollywood lawyers. Theater law encompasses a number of disciplines within the law, and in many cases, involves issues peculiar to the live performance of scripted material, but incorporating the work-product of dozens or hundreds of other artists and craftspersons. This program will familiarize the entertainment law practitioner with the issues, customs and practices influencing the modern American theater industry.

For more information, contact the Beverly Hills Bar Association

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