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Will Web-isodes be the unexpected beneficiary of the writer's strike?

WGA STRIKELast time the WGA went on strike, (19-1/2 years ago), the Cable networks had a growth spurt, with audiences tuning in looking for something new.

This year, as the WGA goes on strike, some believe that the Web will be the delivery mechanism for content that captures rerun-weary viewers.

I've recently told aspiring writers that I believe writing short-form comedy and high-concept fiction for the web is a good way to get started in the biz. It's the home for some of the most creative content out there these days. It's the old-west, where almost anything goes… why shouldn't young filmmakers, writers and other artists take advantage.

Though the Guild has told its members that it will view writing for the Web as a violation of strike rules, the WGA doesn't yet have jurisdiction over this medium as a whole, so only those who write for sites run by WGA signatory companies are likely to draw the guild's ire.

This article, from, raises some interesting points:

During a Strike, Web Shows Could Bloom: “The last time the WGA went on strike, restless viewers turned to cable, sending the category into a growth spurt that continues to this day.”

(Via BackStage – Daily News.)

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