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This week on Law and Video podcast.

This week's Law and Video podcast is now available at Listen Live Tuesdays at 5pm Pacific/8pm Eastern, or download and listen at your convenience.This week's topics:

  • City of New York revises permit and insurance requirements for small video productions.
  • Credit for video game authorship.
  • Use of government forms in instructional videos.
  • Former employer's use of work-product without crediting terminated employee.
  • Work-For-Hire when employee's creative material is outside the course and scope of employment?
  • Can a minor and his family avoid or terminate a modeling agent's contract?
  • Is videotape admissible in court if recorded without consent or knowledge of the subject?
  • Security/Surveillance camera in the workplace. Is notice to employees and customers required?
  • Police officer's destruction of camera and footage of traffic stop.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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