Monthly Archives: December 2007

This week on Law and Video Podcast (December 18, 2007)

  This week’s legal Q & A session is now available at We record live on Live Tuesdays at 5pm Pacific/8pm Eastern, or you can download and listen at your convenience. This week’s topics:  Are Movie titles Trademarks?  Can I be forced to give up my fan-website name? Works created for the Government… Can… Continue Reading

Quoted by Associated Press

This afternoon, I learned that I’ve been quoted in a brief piece by  Eric Carvin of the Associated Press, entitled “Do the Late Shows Want Your Jokes? No!” The essence of the piece is to ask whether with the Late Shows going back on in early January, now’s the opportunity for amateur jokesters to submit… Continue Reading

Support AB 1365 (Funding for the Arts)

I don’t usually use this forum to air my political views, but sometimes, I feel an issue is important. California spends approximately 3 cents per capita on support for the arts. This ranks California dead last among the states. The national average spending per capita is about $1.00. California’s position is simply shameful, expecially considering… Continue Reading

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