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This week on Law and Video Podcast (December 18, 2007)


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This week's topics:

  •  Are Movie titles Trademarks?  Can I be forced to give up my fan-website name?
  • Works created for the Government… Can the government implement changes at will?
  • Copyright for educational video projects in the United Arab Emirates.
  • Going rates for legal work on mid-budget independent films.
  • Do I need releases for deceased subjects of 1930's era true-story film?
  • Does a contract include only tv rights, or is internet, dvd, etc. included?
  • Can I use SAG actors in a non-SAG film?
  • How do DEFERRED and CONTINGENT compensation deals work?
  • What music rights are needed (and from whom) for a  (live stage) christmas show/concert/pageant?

We'll be taking Christmas  Day and New Year's day off, and returning to our live schedule  in early January.

  • How can I take investment for my video project without violating SEC rules?

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