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Law and Video Podcast – new episode

The latest episode of The Law and Video Podcast is now available at

This week we discussed:

News:  Industry pushes for Copyright Prevention Law tied to college loan funding

  • Live Call:  Can I do anything with some old film footage I bought at a garage sale?

Email questions:

  •  How do I start an independent record label?
  • How do I find and hire an entertainment lawyer?
  • What can I show and what can't I show when making a “Cops” style local TV show.
  • Can an adult-video producer require participants to sign a confidentiality agreement? Can it be enforced?
  • Blu-Ray licenses required for authoring discs?  DRM and the DMCA.

The Law and Video podcast is a weekly live call-in question-and-answer audio programwhere I answer questions about legal and business issues facing video- and film-makers.

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