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Monthly Archives: June 2008

…gets the job done.

Gordon is a rare combination of honesty, integrity, knowledge and personable all rolled up into a font of practical legal wisdom. And perhaps most importantly, he cares about his clients. I know I can always trust Gordon to provide objective yet factual legal advice, tempered with real world pragmatism. He gets the job done. Let him take care of you!

Michael Eames, President, PEN Music Group

Gordon is a very smart attorney who truly cares about his clients and the legal profession. His love for the arts, including his involvement in theater and music, provides valuable insight into his entertainment clients' needs

Michele Friend,Esq., CPA

Idea Submissions – how to protect the material you submit

Barry Neil Schrum is an entertainment lawyer in Nashville.   On his Law on the Row website (reference to Nashville's ‘Music Row'), he's posted a very good article about idea protection when making submissions.

He's addressed not only copyright protection and the usual quasi-contract approach to idea protection, but also trademarks.  He also offers some good practical advice for those making submissions of literary material.

Recommended reading.
Hey, what’s the big idea? Protecting your ideas when submitting them to a third party.

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