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Year End a good time to wrap up corporate affairs

As year's end approaches,  it's a good time to consider dissolving and winding-up the affairs of unused corporations and Limited Liability Companies, thereby avoiding taxation for 2009.

Similarly, if you're considering starting a new corporation or LLC, you may wish to realize the expenses associated with corporate start up in 2008 by getting things underway before December 31.  In California, articles of Incorporation and/or organization can be filed after December 15th, with no minimum tax due for 2008 (and sometimes for 2009, also).

The process is relatively simple, but the advice of an experienced attorney is invaluable.  Please give me a call if you're considering dissolving your company or starting a new one.

My office  can help you decide when and how to organize your new business, close an old one, and everything in between.

Even if you're not closing out your company, or starting a new one, year's end is a good time to clean up your corporate records, make sure your minutes are in order, and to give your business an overall annual “Checkup” by reviewing bylaws, contracts, intellectual property holdings, etc.  Call us for a consultation.

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