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ASK THE READERS: Will SAG go on Strike? Does anybody care?

Nikki Finke's Deadline Hollywood  is one of my favorite places for industry news and information. She's published a  press release from AMPTP about the breakdown of mediation talks this past weekend.  The upshot is that AMPTP believes SAG is out of touch with the reality of the new media marketplace, especially in light of the current economic climate(crisis).  

The press release is worth reading, but don't miss the comments… strong opinions abound, and express some important points of view.  This feels like we're hearing the rank-and-file of many industry labor unions voicing their gripes.


Will SAG go on strike?  If they do, what will be the result for the industry?   Will AMPTP beat them to the punch with a lockout?   Can we in the industry ride out another industry shutdown, now that the world economy's gone south? 

Will we see a mass financial-core movement within SAG's membership?

I'm asking the readers… post your thoughts in the comments!

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