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A Broadway Producer's take on how to be a producer…

bullseyeBroadway Producer Ken Davenport has written a short, but important post for anybody who aspires to producing theatre…

PRODUCER’S PERSPECTIVE: 2 Things To Do If You Want To Be A Broadway Producer.
The esssence of Ken's tips:  Produce stuff… lots of stuff, no matter how small… you'll learn from the experience, and meet lots of people… network, network, network.

What's really interesting about this is that the EXACT SAME ADVICE applies to succeeding in almost any field of endeavor.

What it boils down to is this:  If you want to do something.. just do it, over and over and over, and pretty soon, you'll be proficient at it, an expert, a professional.

The other part is that you can't do it alone… you'll need help, colleagues, vendors, financing, etc.  Meeting lots of folks is the only way to get where you're going.  Building a network is simple.  Meet people, make them your friends, and help them when you can.  They'll do the same, and before you know it… you're succeeding!

One Response to A Broadway Producer's take on how to be a producer…

  1. It’s a beautiful thing and true. That’s why we need to reach out into the galaxy for new investors. We have to market Broadway investing. If we do, we won’t need to feel encumbered by the current situation.

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