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Copyright Registration and other fees increase August 1st

C3dEverybody knows that copyright registration is important, and that doing so in a timely fashion can provide a copyright owner a greater award in an infringement suit.

With the current backlog of registrations in the Copyright office, it's especially important to get your works into the que for registration as soon as possible. The agency processes applications on a first-in, first-out basis.

Here, however, is yet another good reason to file your copyright registration now. It'll save you money. According to this report on the U.S. Copyright Office Website, On August 1st, many copyright office fees will increase.

Copyright registration is relatively simple, but you may need help from an experienced entertainment- or intellectual property attorney for more complex applications, such as those involving multiple works registered as a ‘folio', or for musical compositions embodied in recordings (essentially two different works).

Even after the fee increases, copyright registration is still one of the most affordable ways an artist or author can protect herself against the losses that can be suffered from unauthorized copying of her work.

Now's the time folks. Call me if you need advice about copyright registration or any other intellectual property protection issue.

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