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Asked and Answered: What happens to my rights when I change the title?

Q: I've sent my script to an agency and have got response they wanna represent me. The CEO of agency advices to do grammar edit and to change the title of the script.
I've registered my rights with original title in WGA and Copyright as well. The question is if I change the title or agree to change the title what happens with my rights?

A: correcting grammar and changing the title of your script will not impact your ownership of the copyright in the work. It might be worthwhile to either register the copyright in the newly titled, corrected work, or file an amendment to your existing copyright registration to reflect the changed title, and just to make sure that the chain of title to your work is clear and easy to follow.

If you make major, material changes to the story line, dialogue, or other components of the script, you'd do well to register the copyright in that new work, as well.

Consulting a lawyer is always a good idea in these situations, and doesn't have to cost a great deal.
This is intended as general information only and does not establish an attorney-client relationship. It is not a substitute for a private, independent consultation with an attorney selected to advise you after a full investigation of the facts and law relevant to your matter. We will not be responsible for readers’ detrimental reliance upon the information appearing in this feature.

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