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My appearance on “The Podcasters Studio” ‘Podcasting and the Law’

Earlier this week, I was interviewed for  Episode 38 of “The Podcasters Studio”, a podcast about podcasting technique, technology and philosophy.   That show's host, Ray, was kind enough to let me plug my podcast, Entertainment Law Update, and my ebook, The Podcast, Blog and New Media Producer’s Legal Survival Guide.

Listen to the interview here:  


We talk about the many different legal issues surrounding podcasting and podcasters including copyright, fair use, model releases and much more. Do you know your rights if your original content is taken and used without your permission or violates the copyright you have in place? What can you do to make sure you are getting proper credit for your content? In our discussion, I offer some advice about how to approach such situations from both a formal (drop some legal forms on ‘em) and informal (ask nicely) perspective

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