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Asked and Answered – registration numbers: to show or not?

Q: Is is worth registering a script with both the WGA and US Copyright Office and then should the registration numbers by shown on the title page of the script? I give my answer:

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2 Responses to Asked and Answered – registration numbers: to show or not?

  1. Hi Gordon: What if you went exclusively the other way, and just registered your flop with WGA, what disadvantage would there be, and how would you be comprimised if you had to take legal action then?

    • Hi Peter.

      Without copyright registration done within 3 months of firts publication, the author will not be able to seek awards of statutory damages or attorney fees. This means that hhe’ll have to finance the litigation personally, and must prove ACTUAL Damages.

      Also, before suing, he’d still have to register.

      The WGA registration is only evidence of WHAT the screenplay looked like WHEN registered. It doesn’t get you any of these other rights.

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