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Monthly Archives: October 2011

Entertainment Law Update Episode 025 – What’s with all the Zombies?



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In this Episode:

  • Zombie Righthaven
  • Golan v. Holder at the USSC
  • Marilyn Monroe Right of Publicity?
  • ReDigi – digital music first sale doctrine?
  • Poison gets sued 25 years after infringement
  • Costumes and copyright?
  • and more…

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Why the distinction between “new” media and “traditional” media is pointless, and a little dangerous.

Save 20% on your pass to Blog World with the coupon BWELA20Since the development of the Internet and the World-Wide-Web, there's been this peculiar distinction between “old”, or “traditional” or “mainstream” media and the “new” forms such as blogs, podcasts, Internet radio, and video sharing, such as seen on services like YouTube. It's time we all stopped thinking this way. As the “new” media have taken root, and as the masses have adopted the Internet as their primary source for news and entertainment, these distinctions no longer make much sense. The Internet and Web have become the mainstream. Print, Radio and Television are rapidly becoming outlyers.

What, after all, is the REAL difference between an article printed in an old-style newspaper or magazine, and one published on a web-page or blog? The only real difference (leaving aside qualitative questions for a moment) is the means of distribution. Continue Reading

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