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How entertainment law influenced the modern lore of the vampire…

20120723-002253.jpgAn interesting post at Plagiarism Today explains how much of modern Dracula/vampire lore is the result of a misguided effort by the producers of “Nosferatu” to avoid a copyright infringement lawsuit from the Bram Stoker estate.

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What does an entertainment lawyer do? (Part I)

Entertainment Lawyers, at the root of things, provide legal advice, counsel and representation to businesses and individuals in the entertainment industries, including the fields of theatre, television, film, music, publishing, and digital media. Within the field of enteratinment law, lawyers typically focus on one of two “sides”: Transactional or litigation. Many entertainment lawyers subspecialize, focusing… Continue Reading

Entertainment Law Update Podcast 032 – Lawyers, Libel, Logos and Lolipops

Call us with your feedback:  (310) 243-6231 In this Episode: Court to revisit Veoh ruling Football Uniforms trademark not infringed by artist’s work Funny Junk/The Oatmeal, and their lawyer’s exploits. Lawyers sued for participating in litigation? What? What? In the Butt? Maker’s Mark…. is! and more… Entertainment Law Update is brought to you by Clio,… Continue Reading

Reflections on L.A.’s nascent producer’s league. Treason… No, but…

Frequent readers probably know that I have lately been involved with a group of L.A. Theatre producers who’re forming a league to serve as a collective bargaining representative, advocate, and promotional collective. The process has been grueling, involving 6 meetings so far (2 more are scheduled), at which various interests have to be reconciled, and… Continue Reading

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