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Coming soon: a comprehensive guide for filmmakers

Whether you're following through with your passion and living out your dream of becoming the next Spielberg or finally putting together a film that tells the stories so many miss, indie filmmaking comes with many obstacles unknown to any other in the entertainment industry.

Our commitment to sharing knowledge

As you know, I have a commitment to sharing as much knowledge as possible about this business. I was recently contacted by Ryan Ranae, who also shares this commitment. Together, we've decided to create a comprehensive guide that will knock down some barriers and give filmmakers that much needed confidence in making or finishing their projects.

Custom Tailored Answers

Instead of the normal, ‘tips of the day', or standard ‘how to guide' composed of old guerilla filmmaking tactics, we've decided to simply ask you what it is you struggle with as a filmmaker so that we may create the most comprehensive, up-to-date solution for your filmmaking needs. We'll be posting Ryan's answers here from time to time, along with my own commentary where called for.

Submit your question

Now here comes the hard part. (not really). Just submit your question at the link below so that it can be answered by our enthusiastic researchers. We're changing history here and we want YOU to be a part of it! Remember, you can never get the answers you seek, if you don't ask the questions needed for them to exist.

So, submit your question at the link below.

( Be advised: this is DIFFERENT from the Asked & Answered video series I occasionally post here and on YouTube. Also, Ryan is not a lawyer, so this isn't a “legal” guide per se. We'll focus on the business, and I'll jump in with answers where my expertise is required)

NOTE: You will be asked to submit your email address to a mailing list created by Ryan for this purpose. Ryan assures me that it will only be used to provide you with the answers to questions we receive, and the guide itself, and not to sell you other products or services.


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