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Entertainment Industry Insights Podcast #004: Nat Mundel

Entertainment Industry Insights Podcast #004: Nat Mundel

 Entertainment Industry Insights Podcast
Episode 4:  Nat Mundel


Voyage Media CEO and Founder, Nat Mundel
Voyage Media CEO and Founder, Nat Mundel

In this episode of Entertainment Industry Insights, I speak with Nat Mundel, Founder of Voyage Media, and Co-Founder of TODpix.Mr. Mundel's vision is to streamline and democratize the entertainment industry by creating new business models, services and tools that help filmmakers more effectively develop, produce and distribute their projects.

Voyage Media, established in 2002, has helped filmmakers develop, package and sell over 2000 entertainment projects ranging from movies, TV series and branded entertainment. In addition to hundreds of emerging filmmakers, Voyage and its team members have served A-list organizations such as Anonymous Content, Jerry Bruckheimer, Paramount, Lionsgate, Dimension, Alcon Entertainment and more.

TODpix, launched in 2012, is the industry’s first theater on demand (TOD) distribution platform and partners with filmmakers and studios to digitally deliver movies in theaters to match audience demand.

In an earlier life, Nat was a professional rock climber and high altitude mountaineer, owning and operating a successful guiding company, Global Explore. He is a pilot, surfer, and life-long learner. He is married, has a daughter, and lives in Topanga, California.

Our discussion explored:

  • The philosophies and operational methodologies of both Voyage media and TODpix.
  • Nat's recipe for success in the modern entertainment industry
  • Nat's advice for aspiring writers, producers and creators.
  • Nat's view of the future for entertainment industry
  • What it's like to get struck by lightning.  REALLY!

Products and Services Mentioned in this episode:
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Voyage Media

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2 Responses to Entertainment Industry Insights Podcast #004: Nat Mundel

    • Nat, as a rock climber, you might have developed the specific strategy to “democratize” the entertainment industry, and that’s a big deal…

      Good luck!

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