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Entertainment Law Update Podcast – Episode 049 – Aereo at the Supreme Court, Rights of Publicity, and more…




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MP3Tunes Jury Verdict – Michael Robertson Liable for $41 Million

Roundup of All the Aereo Rulings

Innocence of Muslims – Actress Demanding Google to be Sanctioned

While Sherlock Holmes Case is on Appeal Estate Still Protecting Characters

Illinois District Court Opinion.

Katherine Heigl Duane Reade Lawsuit to Explore Nature of Corporate Tweets

Heigl v. Duane Reade, Inc. (S.D.N.Y., April 9, 2014)


NBCU Prevails in Epic ‘Ghost Hunters’ Legal Battle

Hollywood Reporter.

Hollywood Reporter.

Lifetime TV Wins Appeal Over Chris Porco Movie Ban


Who Controls Your Likeness- Balancing Right of Publicity and Free Speech

Teller Wins Lawsuit Over Copied Magic Trick Performance

Biederman Blog.

Teller v. Gerard Dogge (United States District Court of Nevada)


Deadmou5 trademark opposition / battle with Disney?

Patent Law IP.

Hollywood Reporter.

Disney’s Frozen Trailer Targeted in Copyright lawsuit

Hollywood Reporter.


Record Labels and RIAA File Copyright Infringement Lawsuit Against Megaupload

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