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Some advice for recording artists and labels

Some advice for recording artists and labels

If you're a recording artist or a record company,  it's important that you have everything in place to collect all of the revenues you've got coming.  All too often, however, artists leave out important pieces of the revenue jigsaw puzzle, by forgetting about foreign sound recording performance royalties.

These royalties (which aren't available under US Copyright Law) are paid for radio, television, live performance and other uses of recorded music in most other countries.  Sound Exchange is the outfit that collects those foreign royalties for U.S. artists and record companies.

Over at his blog, “Music, Technology, Policy”, Chris Castle has penned an important post for music artists and their representatives.  Worth a quick read.

Artist Representatives Embarrass Themselves Again By Not Signing Their Clients for SoundExchange Royalties


So, what are you waiting for?  Sign up with Sound Exchange, and collect what you've got coming!


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