Happy Thanksgiving, giving thanks.

I want to take a few moments to wish all of my readers, listeners, colleagues, clients and friends, a very happy Thanksgiving.

The Thanksgiving holiday is a good time to consider all that we are thankful for, and to express that gratitude.

Personally, I am blessed with a marvelous family.  My  beautiful wife, three wonderful children, parents, sisters, cousins and the rest  are among the most important people in my life, and for their health, happiness and well-being, (and my own) I am truly thankful.

Similarly, I am grateful to all of my friends and colleagues for their friendship, support, referrals and help in growing my practice.  To my clients, I give thanks for your continued patronage, and for making my work interesting, enjoyable and fruitful.

Finally, I must give thanks to our wonderful country.  For all its flaws, the United States remains a great country.  It truly is a land of opportunity, and for the opportunities presented to me as a citizen, I am grateful.

May your Thanksgiving holiday be filled with laughter, joy and warm feelings  for all.

Gobble Gobble!

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