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How to Protect Your Ideas when Working in Hollywood – Entertainment Law Asked & Answered



How to protect your intellectual property and other materials when working in Hollywood.

How do you protect yourself against things like story theft, idea theft, and outright copyright infringement, and still get your material out to influencers and buyers in the entertainment industry?

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This is one of the most common questions I hear from my clients, students, and acquaintances…

It seems everybody is worried about their “stuff” getting stolen when they try to shop it around hollywood.

And that's a valid concern.. it does sometimes happen, but it's not the big concern everybody seems to make of it.

Much of this concern comes from a very common misconception. And that misconception is that ideas are some kind of “property”. That's just not true.

Ideas are NOT protected under copyright law, or any other law, unless they're also TRADE SECRETS. the key there is the word SECRET. If you share your idea with someone without a promise that they won't use it or tell it to others, it stops being a secret… and that's it. No protection.

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