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Should you trademark your podcast’s title?

Should you trademark your podcast’s title?

Last week, I spoke at the Podcast Movement Conference in Philadelphia. It was a blast and if you're at all interested in podcasting, I encourage you to check this out next year, when it'll be in Orlando.

One of the questions I hear most frequently from podcasters is whether they can and should get a registered trademark for their show title.

And my answer is almost always a resounding “YES”. Unless your show is very new, and the title is super descriptive (like “The Motorcycle Touring Show”, it can probably be registered, and you'll be able to stop others from adopting similar titles that could confuse folks out in the marketplace.

Trademark registration is a relatively simple process, but it does take some knowhow.

I have helped quite a few podcasters and lots of other businesses to secure this important form of intellectual property protection. So, if you've got a valuable brand, title or slogan, contact me for a free consultation and see if a trademark right for you. Schedule your trademark consultation here

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