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A Billion Dollars

A Billion Dollars

The Latest episode of my Entertainment Law podcast, Entertainment Law Update, is now available for your enjoyment. Listen here, or subscribe and download in your favorite podcast listening app.  Show notes are located at

  • WIPO opens consultation on the copyright questions raised by creative AI | Complete Music Update
  • Labels & Publishers Win $1 Billion Piracy Lawsuit Against Cox Communications
  • Kanye West, EMI Back in Court After Failing to Finalize Settlement
  • Alex Jones and InfoWars Ordered to pay $126 k in Legal Fees for Failing to Obey Court Order 
  • Operative Date for Public Domain is Moving Forward
  • “Grapes of Wrath” Movie Adaptation Dispute Headed to Supreme Court
  • Disney Calls Unauthorized Merch Sales by Fans Copyright Infringement

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