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Locast (local TV antenna-to-streaming service) suspends ops after devastating court ruling.

Locast is a digital app that live streams over-the-air television stations without a cable or satellite TV subscription. The service has a few million users for its expanding offering which Locast currently covers roughly 55% of the US with operations in 36 markets.

On August 31, that all changed. a New York federal court granted partial summary judgements in the high-profile copyright case against the service brought by the four major broadcast networks.

The Court concluded that Locast's reliance on a loophole in coppyright law created to allow nonprofit organizations to operate secondary transmission services did not cover Locast's service.

The ruling is a major blow, but it's only a partial ruling. There may still be a trial. But the day after the ruling, Locast notified its users that it was ceasing operations immediately.

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