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Damages and Discovery; Right of Publicity, AI, NIL, and more… ELU168

Join Gordon Firemark and Tamara Bennett in Episode 168 of the Entertainment Law Update podcast as they delve into recent pivotal legal and business news stories. In this episode, we talk about significant rulings and notable legal battles in the entertainment industry.

Warner Chappell v. Nealy: Supreme Court's Ruling

Discovery Rule in Copyright Cases

X Corp v. Bright Data: Data Scraping Lawsuit

Cher Wins Royalties Battle

Right of Publicity Corner

  • Kardashians Win Against Background Person
  • Scarlett Johansson vs. Open AI
  • Class Action Against LOVO AI Tool

NCAA and NIL Agreements

Quick Take Lightning Round

  • Take Two Interactive Wins Tattoo Lawsuit
    • TikTok Music Licensing
    • Sony Wins Against Rapper Over TikTok Videos

    Tune in to Episode 168 for an in-depth analysis of these stories and more, available for streaming and viewing, or subscribe and download on your favorite podcast platform. Listen and view the show notes here.

    Stay informed with the latest in entertainment law with Gordon Firemark and Tamara Bennett.

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