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Promoting your show with sweepstakes, contests and  lotteries

Promoting your show with sweepstakes, contests and lotteries

Running a contest or a giveaway is a brilliant, and cost-effective way to get your audience engaged and get fresh leads, drive lots of meaningful actions, Attract people to your content, get them to share it, and more.  But it’s important to exercise caution and make sure that you’re complying with the relevant laws. You… Continue Reading

Can (and should) producers use COVID-19 waivers from cast and crew to limit their liability?

Can (and should) producers use COVID-19 waivers from cast and crew to limit their liability?

The scenario An actor client today told me that she’s been asked to sign a document before coming to work on a new project. The waiver expresses all kinds of new protocols for minimizing disease transmission on and around the set, but then it goes on to include a waiver, stating that she understands that… Continue Reading

Achieve More, Better, Faster

As you know, I love to help creatives and business folk in all fields… film, tv, theatre, podcasting, online/digital business, or whatever, to forge their paths forward to bigger, better, accomplishments, as quickly as you can imagine. I do this through: One-on-one coaching (sign up for a discovery call to learn how this works​ Group Coaching (click… Continue Reading

Resources to help during Covid-19 Crisis

(no, I don’t have a secret resource for T.P.) But here are a few useful links.: ​The Freelancer’s Guide to The CARES Act: New Funds and Benefits (from my friend and client Abbey Woodcock) ​What freelancers need to know about the coronavirus​ ​Where entertainment industry workers can go for help (LA Times) ​Financial Help for Hollywood workers (… Continue Reading

A new look at the old standard: “Force Majeure” clauses

With Covid-19/Coronavirus causing cancellation of events and transactions around the globe, people are naturally looking at whether they must still perform their contractual obligations and whether they are entitled to refunds of deposits and advance payments they’ve made. Most contracts do include a so-called “force majeure” clause as part of what’s usually considered the boilerplate.… Continue Reading

Has AB5 affected you yet?

Earlier today, I had a call from the HR director at one of the colleges where I teach one night a week. She called to tell me that I can no longer be classified as an independent contractor, and that under California’s new law, AB5, I must be treated as an employee. OK. No big… Continue Reading

Is your Podcast subject to COPPA?

Recently, many YouTube creators have struggled with/complained loudly about the platform’s new rules for designating content directed at children. This, of course has led podcasters, too to become concerned and to wonder whether COPPA applies to them. COPPA, which stands for Child Online Privacy Protection Act, was enacted by the U.S. Congress in 1998 and… Continue Reading

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