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Thoughts following a client’s funeral

I'm feeling rather melancholy. You see, today I attended a client's funeral.

This wasn't someone I'm super close with. He wasn't one of my bigger clients. But he was someone I knew. Someone I liked. He was someone who had asked for and received my help. More than once.

So, I'm feeling sad that he's gone. Not because he paid me money from time-to-time, but because I learned that he hadn't asked me for all the help I could've given him.

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Two clients with shows at NYMF receive recognition

Readers who are interested in the business of producing theatre know how highly I recommend The Producers Perspective, a blog written by Broadway Producer Ken Davenport. Imagine how pleased I was today, when I opened my browser to his article on five of his top picks at the New York Musical theatre Festival (NYMF), and saw that not one, but two shows I’ve been involved with made his list!

reAnimator: The Musical is based on the 1980s cult film ReAnimator, produced by my client, Brian Yuzna. Earlier this year, I was pleased to assist Brian in negotiations with the musical’s adapters/authors to make this and other productions possible.

Central Avenue Breakdown’s book and music are by my client (and high school bandmate) Kevin Ray. A few months ago, I helped Kevin work out his deal with his collaborators, and lay the groundwork for this and future productions.

Congratulations Kevin and Brian!

If you’re going to be in New York during the Festival, you owe it to yourself to see either or both of these shows, and any of the others in the festival. It’s the cutting edge of musical theatre writing in the U.S., and some of the offerings are bound to go on to be big hits.

Our Newest Client!

Gordon holding his newest client!Congratulations to Naoko and Bob Marino on the birth of their baby girl, Hana. Hana was born on April 4th, 2007!

Bob is a musician, musical director and teacher. He's also Gordon's best friend of over 25 years, and partner in Fierce Theatricals, Inc.

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