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Happy Thanksgiving, giving thanks.

Photo credit: Simon Maage via Unsplash

Tomorrow, here in the U.S., we will celebrate our Thanksgiving holiday, so I want to take a few moments to wish all of you; my readers, listeners, colleagues, clients and friends, a very happy Thanksgiving.

The Thanksgiving holiday is a good time to consider all that we are thankful for, and to express that gratitude.

Personally, I am blessed with a marvelous family.  My extraordinary wife, three wonderful children, parents, sisters, cousins and the rest  are among the most important people in my life, and for their health, happiness and well-being, (and my own) I am truly thankful.

Similarly, I am grateful to all of my friends and colleagues for their friendship, support, referrals and help in growing my practice.  To my clients, I give thanks for your continued patronage, and for making my work interesting, enjoyable and fruitful.

Next, I need to express my gratitude for all of the abundance and the opportunities  that come my way each day.  I am truly blessed with a life of my own creation, that excites and interests me, and in which I am the master of my own destiny.  This is truly something to be thankful for.

This season, with so much of my home state, California, consumed by wildfires,  I'm feeling especially thankful that my own home hasn't been threatened, that my children, wife, and I are safe, and that my family who have been affected, have only suffered minor inconveniences.  But importantly, I am also thankful for having been given/taught compassion, and for the ability and opportunity to help people who haven't been so lucky.  If that's you, and you need something, please DO reach out and ask.

Finally, I must give thanks to our wonderful country.  For all its flaws, the United States remains a wonderful country.  I'm thankful for our constitutionally guaranteed freedoms, in particular those guaranteed under the First Amendment which says:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

(Of course there are many other important freedoms… but this is my personal favorite.)

So, as we gather with family and friends to enjoy a sumptuous feast, give thanks, I encourage everyone to  do a bit of service for those who aren't as fortunate, and take a few moments to think of, feel, and express gratitude for the people, things, and experiences with which you have been blessed!.

May your Thanksgiving holiday be filled with love, laughter and  joy.

Gobble Gobble!

Gratefully yours,

The Equifax Breach, and what you should do to protect your credit

While this post is not, strictly speaking, on the “Entertainment Law” beat,  several clients asked me about it, and I addressed their concerns in my e-newsletter (sign up in the sidebar).  On recommendation from a friend, I'm reposting it here as a service to readers.

DISCLAIMER: I'm not a data-security expert, and the above should not be considered legal advice. This is not an exhaustive list of recommendations. If you deal with sensitive, confidential or private information, it's your responsibility to ensure you're following prescribed protocols. If you need help, contact me, and I'll be happy to refer you to a qualified expert.

By now, you've certainly heard that credit reporting company Equifax suffered a massive data breach over the past few months, and that means that we are all much more vulnerable to identity theft. According to news reports, the breach affects somewhere around 143 Million people… nearly half of the U.S. Population. The hackers not only got identities, they also stole addresses, Social Security numbers, birth dates and driver’s license numbers, and even some folks' credit card numbers.

A few of my clients and friends have asked me what they can do to protect themselves. Here's what I've learned.

Continue Reading

Thank You!


Did you know that scientific research shows that people who express gratitude regularly are happier? Happier people are healthier, so by extension, gratitude is good for you!

Did you know that the scriptures of most major religions include references to gratitude practice? Essentially, they're all variations on the theme that “he who is grateful for what he has will receive more, and he who is ungrateful will have things taken away.” Fascinating.

Well, I'm grateful. At this time of year, I find myself expressing it more, but it's there year-round.

I want to offer my heartfelt thanks to each and every one of my readers, listeners, viewers, clients, colleagues, friends, and family members. You each contribute to making my life a rich one, filled with awe, excitement, abundance and joy.

Here in the U.S., we celebrate our Thanksgiving holiday this week, but there's no reason we can't extend the spirit beyond our borders. Give it a try. See if you can name a few people or things that you're grateful for. Really experience the feeling.

What have you got to lose?


Client Alert – Scammers targeting California Business Entities.

Client Alert – Scammers targeting California Business Entities.

The Secretary of State of California has sent out a consumer alert to warn California businesses about a scam operation. If you receive a letter requesting that you submit $49.50 along with a form, etc. to “California State Corporations”, to receive a Certificate of Status for your business entity, do not respond. This is not… Continue Reading

Learn the secrets to successful crowdfunding!

If you’ve got a project you’re thinking about crowdfunding, you’re in luck. Crowdfunding works… if you know how to do it right. My friend and client Adam Leipzig, CEO of Entertainment Media Partners, will be conducting his “Going Beyond the Basics” Crowdfunding Webinar on March 18th. This webinar will teach you the basics of crowdfunding… Continue Reading

Just. Don’t. Do it.

No shooting until EVERY member of your cast and crew has signed a contract.   Seriously.   Last week, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals issued a startling ruling in a case involving an independent film. In the Innocence of Muslims case, the Court ruled that an actress who played a small role in the… Continue Reading

How to get the best deal possible: Negotiation strategies I learned from my 5 five-year-old.

Kindergartens must have upped their game. It seems they’re teaching negotiating skills. At least, that’s what you’d conclude from talking to my five-year-old. He has an uncanny knack for getting what he wants.   Here are a few tips I’ve picked up from observing my kids in the wild. I think they apply equally well… Continue Reading

Warranties and Representations – What these contract clauses really mean.

If you’re like most of the entertainment industry folks I come into contact with, you’ve signed a few contracts in your day. And, if you’re like most of those folks, those contracts have required you to make certain “warranties and representations”. But, what’s interesting to me (and a little scary) is that when I ask my clients whether they’ve read and understood what they’re signing, often as not, the answer is either a blank stare, or a simple “No. That’s what I have you for.” Continue Reading

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