Is your podcast a media business?

If you are a podcaster and you're struggling to get the business side of things handled, this is for you...

What if you had your very own In-House Counsel on call to answer your questions, provide you with the forms, contracts, and legal support to run your podcast business confidently?

  • You're making content.
  • You're using content.
  • You're collaborating with co-producers, co-hosts, guests and sponsors.
  • You're creating valuable intellectual property assets
  • You're promoting products, selling advertising and generally...
  • You're doing business.

Real media businesses have lawyers. They have them on staff. And they have outside law firms to back them up.


But all that costs a fortune, doesn't it?

Startups and small businesses have been priced out of that kind of support.

That level of strategic and legal support is simply out of reach.

So you “go bare” without the coverage you need. You just have to take the risk.

Not anymore.

I’m Gordon Firemark, and I’m a lawyer .  I’ve been helping businesses and individuals in the entertainment and media industries for two and a half decades.  I’ve worked with major entertainment brands, and small, low budget independents, helping them craft solutions to the most common legal and business issues that confront them.


Issues like:

  • Copyright protection and infringement,
    trademark use and registration,
  • collaborations,
  • partnership and joint venture agreements,
  • corporations and limited liability companies; and,  of course,
  • the countless little deals related to development, financing, production and distribution of media content.

By a podcaster, for podcasters.


I’m also a podcaster.  I actually came to the law after a career in production.  So I know and understand these issues from the inside out.  And I recognize how challenging it can be for small business owners to access the legal services, documents, and strategy that their larger counterparts get from in-house counsel and outside law firms.


From the lawyer who
wrote the book on Podcast Law


When I started podcasting, about 12 years ago, I began exploring the legal and business-affairs issues that arise in that medium, and I wasn’t surprised to learn that they’re fundamentally the same as the issues faced by Big Media.  But, unless you’re a lawyer like me, you don’t have access to the release forms, host service agreements, advertising deal templates and the specialized legal knowledge and information needed to navigate  things successfully.  So, I wrote an e-book called The Podcast, Blog & New Media Producer’s Legal Survival Guide.  That book goes a long way  to shed some light on these kinds of issues.

But a book isn’t a substitute for actual, legal representation.  In fact, using forms from a book or that you find on the internet,  can actually increase your risk in some situations.  And that’s why my book doesn’t include forms.  I don’t want you taking those kinds of risks.

That’s why I’ve created an affordable legal service plan, just for podcasters like you.

I call it:

"Run It By Legal"  ™

Custom Legal Services Plan for Podcasters

In Big Media, whenever a question arises, or a new deal is in the works, they “Run It By Legal”. And now, you can do the same.

Here’s what you get when you “Run It By Legal”…

The Basic Run It By Legal service plan for podcasters includes an initial needs assessment session, and a suite of services and done-for-you documents, templates, and forms, plus written guidelines on how to use them.  But more importantly, it includes live, one-on-one preferred access to your lawyer to answer routine questions over the telephone (by appointment) or  by email.  Plus, when the time is right to incorporate or register your trademarks, you’ll receive a deep, deep discount on those services and on any other legal services you may require.

With Run it By Legal, you will:

  • Move forward in your podcasting enterprise with confidence that things are being done right.
  • Know that you can get your questions answered without a surprise legal bill.
  • Have that safe, secure feeling of knowing that your contracts are in order.

With Run it By Legal, you will:

  • Never again "wing it" without a contract or release.
  • Never again draft something yourself
  • Never again blindly copy something from the internet and hope it's right.
  • Never again lie awake at night worried that your family and assets are at risk from your podcasting endeavors

After all, just like “good fences make good neighbors,”  good contracts  make good business relationships.

Isn’t it time you took your podcasting business to the next level?



Enroll in Run It By Legal now.

Here's everything this

Annual Plan


  • Initial Needs Analysis Conference (via phone or skype_

  • Free copy of ebook "The Podcast, Blog & New Media Producer's Legal Survival Guide"

  • Podcast Guest Release Template

  • Basic Co-Host Agreement

  • Basic Content License Template

  • Custom Terms of Service

  • Custom Privacy Policy

  • DMCA Agent Designation

  • FTC Compliance Guide and Review

  • Basic Contracts Reviewed upon request

  • Questions answered by email

  • Telephone questions (preferred access appointments)

  • Copyright Registrations (Up to 4 per year)

  • 50% off our regular fees for Corporation or LLC Formation

  • 50% off our regular fees for Trademark Registration

  • 25% off all additional legal service fees

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