The Theatre Lawyer™

The Theatre Lawyer™

What does a theatre lawyer do?

The production of plays and musicals involves a host of complex relationships, rights, legal obligations and sometimes conflicting expectations. Unless such matters are carefully managed, defined and memorialized in writing from the very start trouble is likely to find the project. That is our aim: to help creative and business people in theatre manage their relationships by keeping communications open and deals well documented.

When engaged as your theatrical production counsel, we :

  1. Advise, counsel and assist the producer with the legal requirements for raising funds for theatrical productions, rules and regulations regarding the raising and spending of Front Money, federal and state reporting, and dealings with potential investors.
  2. Advise, counsel and assist the producer in proposing terms and preparing agreements with authors to secure the option to produce the play within an agreed-upon time-frame. This, of course, includes rights to any developmental, try-out, out-of-town, or workshop productions, plus rights to produce subsequent productions and participate in profits generated by the exploitation of subsidiary rights in the play.
  3. Assist with agreements with the holders of any additional copyrights or intellectual property required for the presentation of the play (including, for example, underlying rights and additional music rights).
  4. Assist and advise the producer with selecting and forming the legal entity or entities necessary to finance, and produce the production.
  5. Prepare all government required documents related to theatrical syndications.
  6. Draft the Operating Agreement, Private Placement Memorandum and Subscription Agreement for investors in the production.
  7. Advise the producer regarding deals with co-producers and associate producers and prepare any co-production agreements.
  8. Advise, counsel and assist the producer concerning the selection of and agreements with the general manager.
  9. Advise and counsel the General Manager regarding contracts to be entered into by the production, including theatrical venue agreements, union requirements, and engagement of creative personnel and consultants.
  10. Advise and counsel producer with respect to the theatrical business generally, and in regard to all elements of the production of the play.

Our Theatre Law Services include:

  • Talent Representation
  • Rights Acquisition, Development
  • Counseling and representing producers, playwrights, actors, directors and designers
  • Structuring financing and production entities
  • Front Money Deals
  • Investor Agreements and Private Placement Memoranda
  • Production Agreements
  • Co-Production Agreements
  • Enhancement  Money deals
  • Production services, including cast and crew, facilities, and rights deals
  • Booking, Touring and Presentation agreements
  • NonProfit organizations – Formations, Bylaws, Minutes, and operational documentation.
  • Licenses & Permits
  • Rights Audits

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