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Have you put off registering your trademark for too long?

Why do I need a Trademark?

Your trademark is immensely important to your business.

It is how the general public identifies you as the provider of the goods and/or services you make and sell.

It is the symbol of your good goods and services’ reputation in the marketplace.

You need to be able to stop others from using your brand and either profiting from or tarnishing the brand recognition and reputation you’ve worked so hard to build.

For many businesses, Trademark are their most valuable assets. In fact, in the consumer products arena, a well-managed brand typically represents 50 to 80 percent of the entire value of the company that owns it.

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Benefits of a registered trademark.

  • Notice to the Public

    A registered trademark legally constitutes “constructive notice” of your use of the mark, and prevents others from claiming “innocent infringer” status if accused of improper use of confusingly similar branding.

  • Exclusive Rights

    Trademark registration gives you the exclusive right to use the trademark throughout the U.S., on any goods and services identified in your registration.

  • Right to sue in federal courts

    Registration is a prerequisite to filing a federal claim for infringement.

  • Basis for International protection

    Under various treaties, holders of U.S. Trademarks can more easily register in other countries.

  • Help stop counterfeiters

    A U.S. Registration can be filed with U.S. Customs to prevent infringing or counterfeit goods from entering the country

Registration will help you:

  • Build your brand

    Trademark protection could be the single most important factor in establishing your product or service's identity in the minds of consumers.

  • Grow your business

    A strong, distinctive brand helps assure business growth.

  • Stand apart from your competition

    With a registered trademark, your brand identity is protected against confusion caused by others' misuse of the mark.

  • Create a lasting legacy

    A registered trademark could be your business' single most valuable asset.

  • Defend and protect your position in the marketplace

    With a registered trademark, you are able to defend your business against interlopers who try to trade on your hard-earned goodwill and brand recognition.

What exactly is a trademark, anyway?

A trademark is a distinctive word or symbol that serves to identify the source for goods and or services. Strong trademarks inspire trust, admiration, and loyalty with a perceived level of quality.

Trademarks originated in the Middle Ages when craftsmen and merchants wanted to differentiate their products or services from those offered by competitors.

The trouble is, counterfeiting soon followed. Fortunately, laws developed to protect these brands. Registration is a key component of that protection.

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How do I register my trademark?

  • 1

    Place Your Order

  • 2

    Complete an online questionnaire

  • 3

    Upload your specimens of use (if applicable)

  • 4

    Attorneys review your trademark and prepare the application

  • 5

    Trademark Office Assigns the application to an examiner

  • 6

    Examiner reviews the application and either approves or issues a preliminary "office action" denying registration

  • 7

    Your application is published for opposition

  • 8

    Registration is issued

  • 9

    Renewals and other filings are required in year 5, 10, and every ten years thereafter.

How much does trademark registration cost?

  • Basic Registration (single mark, single class of goods or services) $1,150 plus government fees.

  • Trademark Availability Search: Starts at $450 depending on scope and territory

  • Government Fees: $350 per mark, per class of goods or services

  • Additional Services (as needed/on request)

How long does it take?

Typically, preparing and filing a trademark application takes a few days after we receive everything we need from you.

Most trademark applications are processed by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) within six months after filing.  If registration is approved without any other office action, the proposed registration is then published and, approximately 60 days thereafter, the registration is issued.

If the examining attorneys at the USPTO initially refuse registration, a reply period begins. During this time, the applicant may submit legal arguments and additional evidence in support of the proposed registration.  Depending on the complexity of the matter, this process may take as little as a few days, or as long as six months.


Why can't I just do this myself?

It is possible to file a trademark application yourself.  For more information, visit the United States Patent and Trademark Office website. For a significant portion of do-it-yourself trademark applicants, the process is confusing and overwhelming.  Improperly prepared applications can result in lost time, wasted money, and denial of registration.  Our office is frequently called upon to "fix" these situations, typically at much higher cost than if we'd initially prepared the application. Our experienced attorneys and staff will advise, counsel, and assist with the selection of your trade- or servicemark,  assembly of application materials and specimens, preparation of the application, and follow-up with the USPTO.

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