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Asked & Answered: Can I sell my novel after I’ve already sold the screenplay?

Q:  If a screenwriter sells the copyright to their screenplay, do they also give up the rights to the novel if they’ve written one based on the same story? A:  Not necessarily.  If the novel is based on the screenplay,  or tells the same story, then yes, the transfer of copyright in the screenplay would prevent… Continue Reading

Copyright Registration and other fees increase August 1st

Everybody knows that copyright registration is important, and that doing so in a timely fashion can provide a copyright owner a greater award in an infringement suit. With the current backlog of registrations in the Copyright office, it’s especially important to get your works into the que for registration as soon as possible. The agency… Continue Reading

Reflections on the fate of the music business as we know it.

A panel I attended recently at the Recording Academy addressed digital music, particularly the problems songwriters (and record labels, artists, etc.) have getting paid for their music, particularly in the face of file-sharers obtaining copies for free. A vocal majority on the panel, and in the audience seemed to take the position that the only… Continue Reading

The YouTube plot thickens…

Further follow up to my post on Wednesday regarding YouTube’s automated audio-muting of user-generated videos containing unlicensed music….. According to this piece at the Hollywood Reporter.. YouTube is taking things a step further… allowing users to REPLACE offending music in video soundtracks with pre-cleared music….  (automatically?) I ask you again…  does this kind of filtering… Continue Reading

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