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Broadway Producer Ken Davenport launches Broadway Investors Survey

Ken davenport headshot thumbnailBroadway Producer Ken Davenport is a forward-thinker who is constantly pushing the envelope to improve things for the theatre producing community.

Right now, he's conducting a survey of Broadway Investors so he can put together a composite of the typical Broadway Investor. When it's ready, he will publish the results for all of us to see and learn from. Yep, soon enough, we’ll all have a picture of what Broadway investors look like! And, we’ll also know how we can give them an even better experience! Sounds like a great idea, right?

Here's a link to Ken's blog post about the survey. You'll see that it's completely anonymous.

If you're a producer, help out by forwarding the survey to your investors, and if you're an investor, please help us serve you and the theatre as a whole, better!

What is an “Accredited Investor”? Why you should care.

Moneykey transparentBackground

 If you're setting up financing for your next film, theatre, or new media production, and you're planning to talk to potential investors, you need to know the rules.  Whenever a company sells investment opportunities, in which the investors will be ‘passive', not taking any meaningful role in the management of the business, the transaction involves the offering and sale of the company's securities.

Securities Registration and Exemptions

Under the Securities Act of 1933, a company that offers or sells its securities must either: (1) register the securities with the SEC, or; (2) conduct the transaction under an exemption from the registration requirements.

Since registration is a colossally time consuming and expensive process, it is best left to larger financing projects;  those in the tens- or hundreds-of millions of dollars, such as the IPO's we typically hear about and other transactions involving publicly-traded securities. Most low- and mid-budget motion pictures, plays, musicals and media productions simply can't afford the time or money involved with a registered, public securities offering.  So, the exemptions become important.

The Act provides companies with a number of exemptions.   The most commonly recommended by lawyers for entertainment projects  arise under the SEC's Regulation D.   For some of the exemptions, such as rules 505 and506 of a company may sell its securities to what are known as “accredited investors.”

What is an Accredited Investor?

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