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Asked and Answered: Using Pseudonyms, and getting paid.

Q:  Can you shed any light on how to best use a pseudonym from a legal standpoint? I have my copyright indicating the other identity, but what about in the marketplace?  For example, if I'm to be paid, how would that be arranged?

A: Using a pseudonym is actually pretty simple.  Tell your agent, manager and lawyer about your pseudonym, and ask that all contracts address this in the credit provisions.  The contract heading would read something like this:

“This Agreement is made this 31st day of January 2011, by and between Paul Producer and Walter Writer, p/k/a/ Famous Freddie”.    The credits provisions would require that credit be given to Famous Freddie, but the payments provision would call for payments in the name Walter Writer, and using his social security number.

In practice, payments typically go through an agent's account first anyway, so getting paid shouldn't be too much trouble.  The employer/purchaser just needs to know your legal name and tax information for its records.

Now, it is possible to petition the courts for a legal change of name.  For that, you'll need to hire a lawyer.  I don't recommend handling this kind of thing yourself.  It can be very tricky

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