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Latest Episode of the Law and Video Podcast

lawandvideo2gif.gif    Law and Video is the first live, call-in podcast to clear the air on legal issues for filmmakers and videographers who are looking for answers to questions related to starting a production business, copyright issues, contracts, intellectual property and distribution.

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Our Latest episode is now available.

This week's topics:

  •  Discussion of  Lenz v. Universal, in which a Court ruled (preliminarily) that The Fair Use defense  to copyright and DMCA claims DOES apply to a Youtube video featuring a baby dancing with music playing in the background.  Entertainment Lawyers need to pay attention to the judge's order before issuing Takedown notices and Cease and Desist letters .
  •  How can a freelance artist collect unpaid fees/wages for animation services rendered on a major motion picture for a now-defunct, bankrupt, Canadian film production company?
  • Must a dance studio remove a video clip from its website when faces of the dancers featured are not visible?  What are the likely financial and legal ramifications of ignoring demand from a parent of one of the dancers?  Should I consult my lawyer?
  • Is an unwritten agreement (supported by email correspondence) for a literary agent's commission enforceable?  Can write terminate now that a script sale is imminent, after 1-1/2 years of inactivity by the agent?
  • Wedding Video Company provides faulty equipment to freelance videographer.  Shoot goes bad.  Who's liable to the Bride?   Should he hire an attorney?
  • Are red-light cameras a violation of motorist rights?  Is a ticket from such a camera valid?
  • What (if any) permission or licenses are needed when using a character from a famous film in a 3-second video clip?  Do I need an entertainment lawyer to negotiate this for me?

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