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ANMT brings The Stages New Musical Theatre Festival to L.A.!

If you follow theatre in the U.S., you probably know that for 15 years Chicago  has hosted the Stages Musical Theatre Festival.  This year, the Stages festival is moving to Los Angeles, and the organization responsible is the Academy for New Musical Theatre, of which I'm the board president.

See 8 New Musicals

The Stages Musical Theatre Festival will be held July 15-17 at two locations in North Hollywood.  In all, 8 new musicals will be presented over the course of the weekend.

This is a big deal to L.A. and to musical theatre in general.   It's also a big deal to ANMT,  and in order for it to be a success, it needs to be well-attended.  Frankly, it needs support from folks like you.

Affordable pricing

In Chicago, Festival passes were $80.  But  this year, we're offering them  for just $50.  So my request is simple:  Purchase a Festival Pass for $50 to see all eight musicals (or five or three, or one) and help me  continue a legacy started fifteen years ago in Chicago.

Now, I know I'm sticking my neck out a little here by asking you to purchase a Festival Pass and attend as many of these new musicals as you can (because you might want to see only one or two shows, rather than all eight), but I have a chance to build something special and even powerful here in Los Angeles…a festival which will bring  musical theatre producers and Broadway writers to L.A., and with them, greater respect for the great theatre being made in our fair city.

Get your pass now

I've told my fellow Board members I'm going  to sell ten  (10) Festival passes.  Will you help me make that goal

So, click here and buy your pass now.  Help support the growth of musical theatre in LA.

I'll look forward to seeing you there!

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