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Entertainment Law Update Podcast episode 54



Episode 54 of my Entertainment Law Update podcast Is now online. Listen here or visit


In this Episode: [hide]
1 Ed O’Bannon Victory over NCAA
2 Monkey Self-Portrait Copyright
3 Ricky Bobby Restaurant Changes Name (Follow Up)
4 Frozen Trailer (Followup)
5 Jay Z Big Pimpin Lawsuit (Followup)
6 Sherlock Holmes Rights Dispute (Follow up)
7 Frank Darabont “Walking Dead” (Followup)
8 Criminalizing Copyright Infringement:
9 Michelle Phan Youtube
10 Shouldn’t the punishment fit the crime?
11 Dead Man featured in Southland Title Sequence – family sues
12 Adam Corolla  Settelment with Podcast Patent Troll
13 A+E Sued over Duck Dynasty Clothing
14 Labor Commissioner–Music Industry

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