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Summary: FCC v. Fox Television Stations

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Andrew J. Contigula's blog has a good summary of last week's Supreme Court argument in  FCC v. Fox Television Stations.  The case is being closely followed by entertainment and communications lawyers, and  deals with the Federal Communications Commission's enforcement efforts against ‘indecent' speech and broadcasts containing “fleeting expletives”, such as those uttered by celebrities during awards broadcasts, etc.  Recent instances involved Cher, Nichole Richie, U2's Bono, and others.

2 Responses to Summary: FCC v. Fox Television Stations

  1. Well, in my view… freedom is something that is absolute, or it’s meaningless. I don’t like indecent speech, but I think the networks will let market forces dictate where they draw the line. We don’t need a group of political appointees telling media organizations what they can and can’t publish…

    Just my humble opinion.

  2. Free speech has been taken to the extreme. More Strict regulations need to be in place to prevent this sort of thing. The escalation of such things will leave the employees of the FCC jobless before long.


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