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Old Rules / New Media – guidelines help bloggers and podcasters stay legal.

Do you have a blog, YouTube channel or podcast in which you endorse or recommend products or services? What about just talking about them?

Did you know the FTC regulates this stuff?

If you blog, podcast or do videos, especially if you review products or services, you should know that there are some important regulations that govern how you go about things.

Essentially, the regulations are the work of the Federal Trade Commission, and full under the heading “Truth In Advertising”.

No Deceptive Advertising

Basically, the rules prohibit any deceptive advertising. So, it’s improper to make any statement (or omission) that would mislead a “significant minority” of consumers.

Disclosure Required

This means, in part, that you must make full disclosure of whether you’ve been paid or received the product you’re reviewing, endorsing, or whatever for free. The audience has a right to know, so they can make fully informed decisions about the products and services they buy.

Fundamentally, these are the same regulations that apply to all media, old, new and emerging.

Fortunately, the FTC provides help

The FTC has put out a set of “Endorsement Guides”

And they’ve got a terrific Frequently Asked Questions page

The answers do a pretty good job of explaining why, when, and how disclosures should be made. Worth reading if you’re putting out any kind of media.

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