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How the spice of life saved my bacon!

How the spice of life saved my bacon!

This past 16 months have been hard for everyone… with the pandemic-related shutdowns and restrictions, so many business have been hit hard. When it all began, I was fearful. I knew that film, television and theatre production ( my most significant law practice areas) would basically be dormant… and that meant my practice could well be stagnant (or worse) for who knows how long?

They say that Variety is the spice of life! Well, I'm a believer!

Fortunately, I had built some variety into my practice and my life. As a podcaster, I've always devoted some energy and resources to that community, and I'd been doing some online teaching for a while already, too.

Luckily, those skills have been in demand, and the world of podcasting has taken off!

So, I'm grateful for the diversity. I'm grateful to whatever power or influence guided me to develop these new practice areas and skillsets.

Coming out of the darkness

But now, as we start to emerge from the darkness, and film, tv, and theatrical productions resume, I'm grateful for that as well. It's good to see the sunshine again. The arts will recover.

If you rely on just one thing for your income, I urge you to consider diversifying. Develop something else that you can rely on in case things come crashing down again. Call it a side-hustle, call it moonlighting, call it diversification, whatever. I'm betting you've got some unique, special bit of knowhow or expertise that would provide value to others… so why not look at expanding on that? (and if you want a little advice or help exploring that, let me know… I'm happy to help.)

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