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The biggest business/legal mistake podcasters make

Why you need to get things in writing… and you can write the contracts yourself

OK, so lots of creators wait too long to get things in writing or never bother to do so at all.  And time and again, in my practice,  I have these folks come for a consultation when things start to go sour, and it’s time to end a relationship, or someone isn’t doing what they’re supposed to, or they’re not getting the payment, or the credit, or something else has gone wrong… and in almost every case I encounter, it’s because there’s no contract.

And if you ask them WHY there’s no contract, it’s almost always, one of two answers….

  1. I didn’t think I needed one – I’m working with a friend (or family member), or;
  2. I just never got around to getting one.

Unfortunately, by the time we’re talking about these issues in my office, it’s usually too late to repair the situation, and we’re looking at a breakup, a fight, or some hurt feelings and resentment, and someone is giving up something they think they’re entitled to, in order to settle the dispute, Or, the worse-case scenario, they’re going to court, and asking a judge or jury to decide what’s supposed to happen next… 

And trust me, that is NOT a satisfying or fun experience.   

So here’s the thing… you actually (watch the video)

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