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What you absolutely must know before you approach investors for your film / play / musical.

photo via flickr (bschmove)  under Creative Commons License

I am often consulted by film and stage producers who tell me they're ready to start work on raising the financing for their films/ plays/ musicals, or what-have-you, but often as not,  as we get to work, it becomes clear that they're not as ready as they think. Before going out to investors, it's important to have your ducks in a row.

Knowing the following six things before you start raising money will dramatically streamline the process, and get you closer to funding, faster.

1. Know your product.

What is a producer's product? Well, it seems obvious, right? A film/show about X, Y and Z. But is it really? Well, at this point, you're talking about maybe someday making a film about X, Y, and Z… but that's not a product (yet)… it's a dream. Right now… while you're “in development” your product is an investment opportunity.  Now, of course you've got to have a script, a crew, cast and a plan… and you'd better know who's going to come see the thing and why. Continue Reading

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