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What you absolutely must know before you approach investors for your film / play / musical.

I am often consulted by film and stage producers who tell me they’re ready to start work on raising the financing for their films/ plays/ musicals, or what-have-you, but often as not,  as we get to work, it becomes clear that they’re not as ready as they think. Before going out to investors, it’s important to… Continue Reading

Proposed “reform” bill puts investor financing at risk.

Legislation  presented by U.S. Senate Banking Committee chairman, Chris Dodd is working its way through the legislative process.  The proposed “Restoring American Financial Stability Act of 2009”  could make it significantly harder for film producers to utilize some of the most common investor-financing models to fund the budgets of their films. The bill is viewed… Continue Reading

Why productions like "Moneyball" get shelved.

Last month, just hours before the scheduled start of production on Columbia Pictures’ “Moneyball”, starring Brad Pitt and directed by Steven Soderbergh, the studio pulled the plug on  production, putting the project into “limited turnaround” With an A-list star like Brad Pitt, and a well-known and respected Director, the film seemed a sure-thing to some,… Continue Reading

How not to use the internet to find investors for your film or theatre project.

In recent weeks, I’ve begun to see more and more independent filmmakers and theatre producers using forums, chat rooms, and other internet-services to seek out investors for their projects. In most cases, these inquiries are couched in plain language: “Seeking investors for independent film” or similar. Unfortunately for these producers, their use of the internet… Continue Reading

Financing independent films and theatre projects is more difficult in the current economic climate. Myth or Reality?

In recent weeks, I’ve had a number of clients express their view that the current down economy means that they won’t be able to find investors to finance their films and/or shows.   As a consequence, they’re sitting back, waiting things out.. not trying to make it happen. Meanwhile, I’ve had others tell me that investors… Continue Reading

IRS eliminates tax breaks for some independent films

3 years ago, partially in response to runaway production, Congress developed tax incentives which gave independent filmmakers tax breaks on films up to $15 Million. In a ruling earlier this month, the IRS imposes new requirements that will eliminate this incentive for many independent films Under th American Jobs Creation Act of 2004, domestically made… Continue Reading

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